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Purchase a Home – Best Neighborhoods in Santa Cruz

Are you looking for Santa Cruz homes for sale? When you are purchasing a brand new home, you usually think about the neighborhood. In the end, the loveliest home on the planet won’t matter when the neighborhood is in the middle of a battleground or perhaps an epidemic.

Although we’re lucky enough to get reside in a country where war zones and outbreaks don’t happen, you’ll still wish to steer clear of the areas which have the worst crime rates and also the worst schools. Your ideal neighborhood is one that’s peaceful, with friendly neighbors and fantastic outside sights.

So how do you go about finding such wonderful neighborhoods?

  1. Street Advisor. This is a website that focuses on rating neighborhoods and streets in particular since some streets are better than others. The members of the site rank neighborhoods, and you can ask (or answer) questions about neighborhoods in Santa Cruz. You can check out other places in Santa Cruz County as well.
  2. City Data. This is another reliable source of info, where you can discover significant attractions and find data about the cost of living in a particular area. The local forums also discuss various specific topics about neighborhoods in Santa Cruz.
  3. TripAdvisor. Then there’s this site, which is quite popular among tourists. You can read reviews and insider accounts on Santa Cruz attractions and its neighborhoods. You can find restaurant reviews too, as well various articles about Santa Cruz events and attractions.
  4. Crime reporting websites. You can check out Neighborhood Scout for info about Santa Cruz crime stats. Finding a safe neighborhood in Santa Cruz is crucial, because according to Neighborhood Scout, Santa Cruz rates a mere 3 in the Crime Index, in which 100 is the safest. Since a news report about Santa Cruz crime publicized the problem, stronger measures have already been proposed to solve it.

Crime Reports also shows particular crimes, with a convenient map showing where these crimes occurred. Click on the crime on the map, and you get the particulars. Most of the crimes shown are petty thefts and disorderly conduct due to alcohol. There’s also a map of where registered sex offenders live.

Of course, you also need to ask your agent about the neighborhood as well. A good agent will not only tell you about the quality of a neighborhood, but they will have tips on how you can find more information about a location online.

You can also try to schedule an appointment with the police. They will have info about the latest data on crime and safety. They can also offer specifics about crime prevention measures.

You should ask your friends in the area as well. They know what it’s like living in the neighborhood, so their input is quite valuable.

Lastly, before you decide to really purchase a new house you need to walk round the neighborhood so that you can go through it top notch. Speak to your future neighbors so you’ll know if you’re able to get on. They’ve already plenty of info that will be handy too.


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